Thursday, October 25, 2007

Question and answer~ (1)

Steph said...
You seem like you know alot about hamsters. I have a female dwarf hamster who just had baby hamsters about 2 hours ago. It looked like she had about 8-10. She had them in the wheel. When I realized she had them, I was excited and happy. I rushed and got my mini flash light to see them better. Now, I wish I hadn't. She started to rip their little heads off right in front of my eyes. I saw alot of blood and guts. I am mortified, freaked out and in extreme shock!!! Why would she do such a thing? I just glanced at her again and it looks like she is still eating them. What will happen to her if she eats them all? Will she die and what should I do?
October 23, 2007 11:15 PM

Hammy said...
Hi Steph,My sincere apologies for the very late reply, as i have not been checking my mails.Okay. First things first. Your Hamster mother has babies for the first time. There could be 2 possiblities.First :The babies are not healthy, so the mum ate them up to prevent them from suffering in the futureSecond:The mother could very very anxious, just like you, and she could have been so protective of her children that a little light can affect it. In the future, if you have hamster babies again, i would advice you to cover half of the cage; the darker side where the mother has given birth, then it wil be easier for you to peek, while giving the mother plenty of privacy.