Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hamster illness- Dehydration

Some Signs:

  • abnormal behaviour
  • diarrhoea smell
  • sudden loss of weight
  • excessive biting

Update:: 1/10/2009
Some other signs
- Loss of fur
-Loss of appetite
-Empty Water bottle

P.S- Happy Children's Day in Singapore~!

Tips for Taming Hamsters

  • start from young
  • spend time playing with them
  • shower them with kisses and love
  • punish them by pressing their nose for any wrong doing
  • reward them with treats ( one a day only)
  • never starve your hamster, provide fresh water and food

What to do with a squeeky wheel?

  1. remove the main wheel from the pin
  2. oil the pin with cooking oil, or clear oil, or baby oil
  3. replace back
  4. test the wheel
  5. if still noisy, repeat steps

How to Choose and Store hamster food

  • pick well known brands like the Japanese brand, or Hagen,
  • Check date of production  ( if possible)
  • Choose foods that have very little residue, normally they are fresher
  • DO not buy in bulk, only buy what you need. ( if not the bugs will appear
  • keep hamster food in air tight containers, to prevent moisture, as moisture will cause beetles to grow, then the food will be spoilt.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


reason: Their service is horrible, and their products are lousy.

me, a hamster owner for more then 10 years, this is the first time, i have used the most horrible hamster water bottle ever.

like seriously? water bottles are the most basic hamster equipment. any faults in it will cause the hamster to fall sick. One very good example: WET TAIL.

WET TAIL is the most deadly hamster virus, and the medicine can sometimes cost more then the hamster.

The water bottle i bought from pet lovers centre,the brand is HAMADA.PE07, 80cc. Seriously? Its horrible stuff. It keeps leaking! and i have to chnage my bedding to many times.

and when i brought it back to the PET LOVERS CENTRE AT ANCHORPOINT, all that china lady keep telling me it is not possible. like HELLO!!! if it an inferior quality one, of course it will leak! like DUH!

and she was like teling me even if they return to the supplier they cant do anything. like hello, it is possible to return. you think i have not worked in a sales line before?dummb, and after that she put the blame on me say i never put properly and stuff. so are you trying to compare a sales staff's experience to someone who has an experience of 10 years? who will you choose?

i tried to be nice, and yet, you try to blame me. nice. in a sales line, customers are always RIGHT. its either you retain your customer, get more sales, or it is forever BYE BYE.

i have patronised pet loovers for many years now. I even have their super old card. fine. its GOOD BYE TO YOU PET LOVERS CENTRE.

update : do note that this post was kinda very late.. but just to let you guys know.. their service standards have improved quite a bit, and i am still patronizing them :)and no flaming please guys :D

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Check out churmuka's pictures on flicr!!!
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Lump in the ear ( long sticking out)

My hamster had thos condition, if it is a minor one, just was with saline water, and the hamster will digg it out on it own through cleaning, and it will drop off :)
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Monday, March 31, 2008

I will be answering your questions~!!

if your shy to email me, you can always ask at yahoo!answers. I will be replying to most hamster questions, esp new ones.. :))

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some of My Personal Hamster Pictures