Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hamster illness- Dehydration

Some Signs:

  • abnormal behaviour
  • diarrhoea smell
  • sudden loss of weight
  • excessive biting

Update:: 1/10/2009
Some other signs
- Loss of fur
-Loss of appetite
-Empty Water bottle

P.S- Happy Children's Day in Singapore~!

Tips for Taming Hamsters

  • start from young
  • spend time playing with them
  • shower them with kisses and love
  • punish them by pressing their nose for any wrong doing
  • reward them with treats ( one a day only)
  • never starve your hamster, provide fresh water and food

What to do with a squeeky wheel?

  1. remove the main wheel from the pin
  2. oil the pin with cooking oil, or clear oil, or baby oil
  3. replace back
  4. test the wheel
  5. if still noisy, repeat steps

How to Choose and Store hamster food

  • pick well known brands like the Japanese brand, or Hagen,
  • Check date of production  ( if possible)
  • Choose foods that have very little residue, normally they are fresher
  • DO not buy in bulk, only buy what you need. ( if not the bugs will appear
  • keep hamster food in air tight containers, to prevent moisture, as moisture will cause beetles to grow, then the food will be spoilt.