Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pricings Of Hamster Cages ( Singapore)

Here are some costs you might need to incurr when raising a hamster in singapore, as :
1. Times are bad
2. Being a responsible pet owner, you also need to know what the costs are so you will be able to manage the costs

Things normally used:

Depending what you use, and what you want, you can get some at 20SGD, to as expensive as 60-70 SGD. But basic ones that have everything( Including water bottle, wheel, and food bowl) But there sometimes packages that can be bought that comes with bedding like wood shavings too. Those bigger ones like Pet Lovers are unable to bargain, but if you visit places like Sunset Way( Near SIM, and Ngee Ann Poly and Clementi) You can bargain with these neighbourhood shops, some shops i have been before, which i cant recall, but i let you guys know when i can recall alright? ;)

Update : 27 Jan 2013
Alex brand cages are so far the most reasonable cages i have seen, easy to clean, and affordable! Pet Lovers Centre and major shops do carry them as well. 

Water Bottle( If its not provided):
Can be priced from 2SGD onwards, the more expensive ones are like those have duckies, or frogs in them, some brands like animal world are the more pricey one, and if possible if you bargain with those neighbourhood shops, they might just throw it in free! But there are few kinds to look out for:

1. Glass types: Not suitable for butter fingers, as glass ones easily break, and sometimes might leak if you do not check carefully :) Glass ones nowadays are cheaper too.

Update: 27 Jan 2013
Glass bottles also tend to have dirt/mold residue. To prevent this, you need to wash the glass tip often, or use a water guard. Remember to use a cotton bud/ Q tip to reach that area! 

2. Metal types: Very suitable for newbies, easy to clean and use, but might be more pricey

The difference between the 2 is the tip where the hamster licks, other than that the bottle that stores the water is normally plastic, like your average screw on bottle

Many Types, like woodshavings, or paper pellets, or cotton, depending on the size of the bedding.

Update 27 Jan 2013
Woodshavings : Scented / Non Scented types. Probably the least expensive of the lot. Scented ones i have seen are from this brand called Chipsi (weird name, i know) , with scents like:

  • Strawberry ( my favourite ) 
  • Lemon, 
  • Green Apple (one of my favourites too, and this one comes with little mulit coloured strips)

Paper Pellets: Also used for cat litter, usually made of recycled newspaper. May turn out a little more smelly, or have a paper smell.

Cotton : Most expensive of the lot. The most comfy for the hamsters, and comes in many colours. I have seen colours like pink, blue, yellow, green, white. If you are willing to spend a little more and for nice looking purpose, you can choose to use this. 

Many types, and many brands too, but what i am currently using is the minimal Japanese whole meal for hamsters, the packaging is orange in colour, currently it comes with a zip lock, and i pay about 12 SGD for 1 kg of food that will last me about a month, its quite fresh as the stock comes in more frequently then other boxed one. One thing i do not like about boxed ones, is that you cannot really see the contents, if its fresh, so i prefer those in semi transparent bags. Do look out for the residues ( meaning those dust and winy little bits found at the bottom)


Many ranges too, but i normally spend about 3SGD onwards on treats like milk drops, mineral drops, chews, vitamin drops, chewables, but i like buying chocolate drops the ,most, they are easy to give out, and hamsters can digest them comfortably, they smell good too :)

Thats all i can think for the time being.. its like 6am right now.. i have been observing my lobsters for the whole night for my final year project so i'm kinda tired right now, do drop your enquiries to me if you need help, but do take note, i will only answer if its a relevant question, but please do not email me to ask for hamsters names, you can find it here and here :)

do feel free to add in more names, are very welcomed ;D

Please also email me to suggest articles you want to know about too? I shall post it up as well ;)

Cheerios ,
Sabby ;)

Hamster Biting Cage?

A few tips to help you out~

Certain reasons why they bite:
-Seeking attention
Due to :
- Something is wrong
- Teeth Itchy

Things you can do to prevent :
- Take the hamster out and comfort it
- Sometimes it could be related to the other animals around it, like sensing something is wrong with the other
-Put hamster chews for itchy teeth
- Check cage for any missing, or faults
Hope this helps :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to get your parents to get you a hamster

Hi all, i have been getting a lot of questions about how you can get your parents to get you a hamster/pets.

well firstly, parents are really busy people, with work, kids, and other things on their minds.. and having a pet could mean additional work for them...

thus, you have to show them how responsible you are as their kid, and how you take care of things that they have bought you can simply proof to them how responsibility you have. coming on time home is also one of the ways you can show responsible. On obviously, lying will also count into being not responsible as well.

so if you are able to do that, im sure you wont have a problem with getting a pet, as being responsible equals, cleaning up their dirt, caring for them, making sure they are well fed, cleaning their cages as well

hope this mini article helps you :)

good luck!