Sunday, June 13, 2010

Buying a pet bird for the first time!

Starter Birds:
-Love Birds
-Cockatiels ( Or also known as Tiels)

These are the 2 birds i would recommend, as they are small in size and easy to handle. Their bites dont draw blood, so no worries!

Small in size, and comes in many colours, and its up to you which colour you like~The wild colour type is bright green and yellow belly. Now there are so many colour mutations you can choose from!

and i picked a mild yellow one!

What you need:
-A Bird Cage (15-18 SGD)
-Cuttle Bone ( For calcium, 2SGD)
-Millet Spray (2 SGD)
-Budgie Food ( get the ones that the bird shop is feeding there, as if there is a sudden change of diet, the bird will fall ill)
-Cement Perch (Optional, but good for keeping their nails filed. And if you don't have this, you will need to trim their nails)
-Bird Toys (optional, unless you are lazy to make toys for the bird!)

I got all my supplies from Goodwill Trading, a famous bird shop at Serangoon Ave 1

They have a wide range of birds, food for the birds, nuts and seeds, bird toys, perches, cages, bird stands etc. Basically a VERY wide range. In fact that area is very popular with bird people; there is so much to choose from, and even for other pets like hamsters, dogs, fish and even chinchillas!

So if you are bored at home and nothing to do, (Esp Sundays) You can head on down to that area, and on Sundays, bird owners will bring their birds to fly around, and interact with people and birds; it will be an interesting sight!

Hello there! New additions : BIRDS!

Well, as you have noticed, i have changed the look of this little website..and this time i am also gonna talk a little bit about birds too~

well, you see, i have got a new pet budgie, and as i'm learning, i'll share with you what i know and learnt about them~~

His name is Kiiro, which means, "Yellow" in Japanese. He is a male budgie ;DD will talk more about these budgies in the next few posts~~ :DD