Saturday, January 28, 2012

Puzzling me alot :(

Almond my winder white seems to be suffering from major fur loss and keloid formation.. The more she bites it the larger it becomes! But the funny thing is peanut is totally imune to it!

It really makes me wonder if it's applicable in the genes of the hamster, and the general health.

I have tried I was with saline water ( those sterile for washing soft contact lenses) but it still doesn't help.

I also changed the diet to a balanced one, I see improvement in fat boy, not not in almond. I feel sad, cuz if I were to send her to the vet, I know they won't be able to help, and even make the situation more painful than it already is. Well, almond is considered pretty old already, so I have decided to let her be, but of course with a double dose of multi-vitamins to strengthen her :)

Biko being naughty again!

Biko has been moulting, so his weight is a little high therefore being very mischievous in his old ways!

Guess what he did?! Poke an additional hole in my notes... Zzz

Biko! Mama doesn't need an additional hole in her notes! The holes have already been punched!

Biko having fun with his play gym!

Biko has been spending alot of time
Lately in his brand new play gym, which I got it to reward him for his 2nd place win in the parrot competition. Looks like he is having alot of fun!

And for those whom in Singapore might be interested, look up birdsprees on facebook! It's a friend account so just add him up! Prices are really affordable and prices are inclusive of shipping from US to SG, but of course, shipping to your house needs to be arranged with the owner :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Look out for updates on Facebook!

I will be updating pictures there of Biko!
And with addtional personal posts of Biko and me :P