Saturday, January 26, 2013

China Glaze Hologram Holographic 2013 Swatch for Infra Red

Hello! I know this is pretty random, but I realise there isn't any swatches on the Internet, so I guess I will share with you guys.

I only bought 1 colour as that is my favourite out of the lot. The first few pictures are indoor under normal lighting. The holo specks are very light, very difficult to capture under a camera.

As u can see, the holo is more obvious under direct sunlight in the last few pictures

The swatches on display looked nice, but what came out in the bottle looks very disappointing as compared to the older collection. The older collection, the holo specks were more obvious in the bottle, but this time you can't really see it at all! Maybe that's why it isn't so pretty.  The pictures are with 2 coats, and top coat. Ok, nuff said, lets present the swatches! ( and sorry if the painting is real bad, im just an noob nail polish addict)