Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dementia and Cognitive Impairment.. a heartfelt experience.

as part of my thesis, working in a clinic was one of the requirements, and throughout the countless sessions of "role-play" with my colleagues about the assessments that are being used, today i finally understand that what was practiced cannot prepare you for the actual thing.

A simple assessment for cognitive impairment, can be extremely difficult for them, even the knowledge of simple items and basic tasks can be very difficult for them. The role of the caregiver is constantly tested and tried with every decline.

When i saw an actual example today, it totally hit me off guard while my cantonese language was tested ( and as usual its so so so so badddddddd!!)  After i have completed my assessment, my heart wrenched so bad, and imagine a short simple test like this was already so difficult, then how about daily tasks? in my heart i really wanted to tell the caregiver how much i felt for him, and i cant imagine how much difficulty has had to go through everyday, having to prepare himself that the person is caring for will one day forget who he is one day.

It is shocking to see how something so common and minor can make such a big impact in other people's lives. So, start early today, will be the best prevention.

To prevent dementia here are some tips:

1. Eat more fish ( Omega-3's )
2. Memory Excercises ( Majong, puzzle games, for mental stimulation)
3. Green Tea
4. Tumeric Powder ( Found in Curry)

and those who are facing these issues, i feel for you! But always remember that there are support groups available for you, and small groups for people facing the same issues. Always remember that you are not alone in this fight. Take it as a challenge for yourself, as studies have shown that there are still positive outcomes in not-so-good situations! Be positive and u will get it through!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Chan Brothers Fair 2013

It's the yearly affair and once a year to make people happy!!

It's a some-what-a-part time job that I feel honoured and blessed to bring joy to people's faces every year. :) 

The group this year!

It's always so fun cause our job is to keep kids entertained and give out goodies to make people happy while they are waiting for their turn. 

Group photo! Photos courtesy of ZY :)

We were all crazy people and all over the place! To me when I wave at people or do weird stuff I don't usually do in public, like jumping, dancing posing randomly, and when I finally see the smile on people's faces, just makes my day, and not matter how hot the suit was, it was all super super worth it :)

There was even this cute little boy that stayed for half an hour to dance and hug us, he even knew how to dance gangam style! He was such an adorable cutie, his parents and ah ma was telling him to go home already. But he was reluctant to go! He kept laughing and dancing and hugging us. This little boy is such a bundle of joy, his parents mush be really proud of this sweet little boy! It's to the extent my BFF wanted to bing him home! 

Well that was all in a day's work! I'm gonna end this post with a post of the cute koala!
That's me for the day! So cuuuute right?!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello! Welcome to a Slightly...

Revamped page!

I decided that the old template was kinda boring, and the links were hard to see also. I hope you guys like it! I know its pretty common to see this template, but i think its good enough for me :)

Let me know what you guys think? Cheers!