Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Syrian Rescue Project

Hello guys!

I know its been a long time since i have posted anything Hamster-ish. Well as you guys know, i no longer keep hamsters :( as i found that i am allergic to them.

But!! In recent times,  my interest grew when so happened this appeared on Facebook :


After clicking around, i found this page:

These guys were rehoming syrians. My first few hamsters were syrians, and i enjoy their company the most! Cuddly, and warm little creatures!!

So..... i found more cute pictures :

HOW CUTEEEEE!!!!!!  Simply adorable!!!!! Till i wanna squueeezeeee them!

They were even featured in our local pets magazine!

So far, all their babies have been rehomed to many open hearts :) In fact, i am considering to adopt one if there are any rescues! So if you have space for another, and reside in Singapore, do give them a hand, and if you can afford it, please give these guys another second chance in life :) Im sure these little creatures would love to have a more loving heart :)

Check them out at :



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